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Acai berry are trees which are indigenous to Brazil. A weight loss that contains an extract of the acai berry tree is called… more »

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Acai berry are trees which are indigenous to Brazil. A weight loss that contains an extract of the acai berry tree is called Acai-Trim. Besides acai berries, there are also other ingredients in the supplement, some of which can cause side effect. Before starting an Acai-Trim diet, it should be better you consult a physician.


Acai berry extract is contained in Acai-Trim’s capsule. According to Diet Spotlight and most acaitrim Brazilian diet aid reviews, the primary ingredient in Acai-Trim is green tea extraxt. Buckthorn bark, fennel seed, psylium seed, licorice root, golden seal, gelatin, rhubarb bark, cascara sagrada and ginger root are all included in the other ingredients.

Purported Benefits

Fruits, which are antioxidant-rich foods, are an important daily dietary component as a method of natural disease prevention. Fiber and antioxidants are contained by acai berries, according to Mayo Clinic’s official website. However, these benefits from Acai-Trim will not likely reaped by you. Green tea makes your body to burn calories on its own by helping you increase your metabolism. In many Acai-Trim Brazilian diet aid reviews, acai berries and the supplement Acai-Trim are used by many people to effectively detox the body and aid in weight loss.

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Nature Organics AcaiTrim


There is no proof that acai berries prevent disease or aid weight loss, pointed out by Mayo Clinic. It does not combat a specific illness or fat cells when you are consuming antioxidants. In addition, Diet Spotlight reports the acai berries in Acai-Trim are in the form of an extract from the root of the tree. Therefore, as you would by eating the berries, you will not reap the same antioxidants benefits from taking this supplement.

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Diet Aid Reviews

Side Effects

The ingredient buckthorn is a laxative, explained by Diet Spotlight. Laxatives are used for patients with constipation, which include in gastrointestinal problems. Due to its laxative effects, some weight loss might caused by Acai-Trim, but the effects are only temporary. Dehydration may be caused by excessive bowel movements associated with this product. Especially if you consume other caffeinated products, in most Acai-Trim Brazilian diet aid reviews, the green tea extract in Acai-Trim can cause insomnia and jitteriness.

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AcaiTrim Reviews


At last, Acai-Trim may not be an appropriate product if you are looking for acai berry products for your health. An Acai berry, which have stated by Diet Spotlight, is the second to last ingredient in the supplement. Also, the other product of acai supplements are pricey, some other may be overpriced. Actually, a weight loss plan should involve a healthy diet and regular exercise. See your doctor for a diagnosis if these two components are not enough to help you shed pounds. Like other weight loss supplements, Acai-trim Brazilian diet aid is not a miracle solution for unwanted pounds.

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