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There are many factors causing some women stop dieting, like they feel tortured, they are bored because they do not get the result… more »

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There are many factors causing some women stop dieting, like they feel tortured, they are bored because they do not get the result as they expect for a long time, or they have some diseases that will be relapsed when they are dieting, and so on and so on; therefore, these women do not want continue their diet program. However, you can try the diet which is recommended by Beyonce personally and you must have already known this kind of diet if you have watched her on Oprah Winfrey’s show and you also have already seen how Beyonce can really change after dieting. Master Cleanse diet is used by Beyonce and it is about 20 pounds which is lost by her for her role in the movie “Dreamgirls”, and this Master Cleanse diet can also be called as Beyonce’s liquid diet.

There are three stages in Beyonce’s liquid diet Master Cleanse, the Ease-In, the Lemonade Diet, then Ease-Out and that only limited amount type of food followed by laxatives or any other system should be eaten during this diet program must be known by you so that the body can be forced for getting rid of everything. The first stage is called as the Ease-In period which is only fruits and vegetables, or it can also be soup or juice eventually that should be eaten by you for about three days. For doing this kind of diet, you should have a high motivation so your diet can be finished successfully.

As mentioned before, the next stage in Beyonce’s liquid dietis the Lemonade Diet which only lemonade that should be consumed by you for ten days. This is the recipe of lemonade that can be consumed later; 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice from one half of a lemon, 2 tbsp of grade A or grade B maple syrup, 1/10 of a Teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and 1-2 cups of pure water and about 6-10 cups of this lemonade mixture should be drunk a day and you should not eat other food. In the morning, a mixture of 1 L of water with 1 tbsp of salt should also be drunk.

The Suggestion of Beyonce’s Liquid Diet

Beyonce’s Liquid Diet Suggestions

The reason why the salt water should be drunk by you in the morning is because this liquid has equivalence in gravity as the blood making it comes right out of the body due to your body will not be able to absorb this liquid. A laxative tea is also recommended to be drunk at night for this diet. Aside from the Beyonce’s liquid diet, there are still other diets you can try.

the Best Beyonce’s Liquid Diet

Best Beyonce’s Liquid Diet

“Doctor Joshi’s Detox Diet,”, “Fast Track One-Day Detox,”, “Martha’s Vineyard Detox,”, and “Fruit Flush” are included in the other detox diets that can be tried by you. Only healthy and living food, like vegetables and fruits (it can be blended into juice) should be consumed which are involved in all these diets. By doing a healthy diet, your toxins from unhealthy foods can be got rid of well then.

Beyonce’s Liquid Diet Process

Beyonce’s Liquid Diet Product

Choose the best healthy diet by consuming vegetables, fruits, fixed with cardio exercises and also drinking much mineral water. Beyonce’s liquid diet is never wrong because it has been proven by Beyonce personally. So, have a nice try and do not be afraid of being healthy with the healthy way.

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