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Border Collie physical characteristic. Border Collie, intelligent and hardworking breed of dogs, is a medium sized dogs without any real standout characteristic. It… more »

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Border Collie physical characteristic.

Border Collie, intelligent and hardworking breed of dogs, is a medium sized dogs without any real standout characteristic. It has moderate amount of coat, which commonly thick. It has double coats with varying colors, most common are black and white while Australian gold and red is a rarity.

Border Collie eye color varies from brown to blue. The ears also varies from fully erect, dropped ears, and semi-erect ears. Border Collie appearance does not necessarily reflect its works. Border Collie average height are dogs 48-53cm (19-21in); bitches 46-51cm (18-20in).

Border Collie naturally life for 10 to 17 years, averaging of 12 years.


Border Collie Weight Growth

As it is a breed belong to medium size breed, Border collie’s weight averaging from 20 to 45 pounds. Seeing as they born weighing more or less a pound, it is a major increase in weight. The rapid growth happened during newborn and puppy stages and it gets a little stagnant during adolescence.

Newborn Border Collie

Newborn border collies are very small. Weighing for 7 to 14 ounces, border collie has average newborn weight for medium-sized dog breeds. While every puppy’s weight increases at a different rate, each puppy will steadily grow in weight. A puppy might lose weight the first day, but a healthy puppy will star to gaining weight after that. Border collie puppies weight grow into twice of their birth weight in the first week, and then they gain a half to one and a half ounces a day, until they are 6 weeks old.


Puppy Border Collie

A 6 weeks Border Collie will weight 3- to 6-pound which already four times its weight at birth. In the puppy stage, a healthy Border Collie will steadily adding more weight, about 2 to 4 pounds a week until it is 14 weeks old. The rapid growth in weight slowed down after that and Border Collie puppy will gain only a pound a week until it’s 6 months old. Always remember that each puppy has different growth and gains weight at a different rate.

Adolescence Border Coolie

In the adolescence stage, Border collies will have achieved their adult size, 18 to 22 inches tall with 21 to 35 pounds of weight. In this stage, border collie posture is haven’t quite filled out yet. This young border collie will have a very strong appetite. This is required to sustain their high activity and fast metabolism. The weight growth in this stage will still continue, but a far slower and steady rate compared to Border Collie puppies. With a very fast metabolism, a fluctuation in the weight graphic chart is to be expected. A high quality and calories based diet is advised to sustain a healthy growth during this stage.


Adult Border Collie

Having passed the adolescence stage and gained enough weight to fill out his body structure, an adult border collie will weigh a stable 30 to 45 pounds.

According to that weight growth, the chart reflecting it will be a bow-like with a raising peak at puppy stage and then stabilize as border coolie reach adolescence stage.


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