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What is dr sears elimination diet? Dr Sears elimination diet is a tools that you can use for knowing an identify foods that… more »

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What is dr sears elimination diet?

Dr Sears elimination diet is a tools that you can use for knowing an identify foods that you eat which can make adverse effect. This is designed for individuals and children who believe they may have a food allergy.

They will determine if a food allergy or sensitive exists for your children. Accordance the information that elimination diet is based on the 1987 book by Dr. William cook with title is “Detecting Your Hidden Allergies”. And then has been promote by Dr. William sears which is expert on child development and pediatric care.

The Concept

As the concept of dr William sears that elimination diet is used to determine which foods a person may be allergic for your body. All of food have a potential to give the allergic for your body cause a reaction are eliminate and then foods are slowly reintroduces one at a time into the diet. So, as parent following dr William sears elimination diet is a good idea to keep a food journal. And maybe you can get any symptoms to food that you have been consumption, dr William sears elimination diet will give the best solution for you.

Total Elimination Diet Breastfeeding

Total Elimination Diet Breastfeeding

The Symptoms

When you eat some foods, symptoms maybe appears within of ingesting a food that you are consumption. The symptoms most often appear like allergic or they may take up to hours or days to appear. The symptoms that  may show a food allergy like wheezing, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, abdominal pain, tingling of the mouth and hives. For several foods allergies, the people may experiences anaphylaxis. Why it happen? Because there is a drop in blood pressure and the individual has a rapid pulse.

Food allergies and sensitive

Allergies will occur when the body’s immune systems has been reactions to a food. So, the body’s immune systems will release antibodies to fight it. The body will be sensitive if foods cannot tolerate with your body as well. And it can make the body may be dangerous or even fatal. The most common reaction like migraines, eczema, rashes, stomach, upset or hives.



The negatives

You have to eliminate all caffeine when you on the eliminate diet. When on the elimination diet, you should consumption a nutrition diet to avoid the damage for your body. The nutrition you can consumption like vitamins or nutrients.

The diet

The Elimination Diet Book

The Elimination Diet Book

When you on elimination diet, you need takes between seven days until one month to complete. Begin the healthy food such as eggs, corn, soy, all processed foods, and gluten products such as rye, wheat, barley, oats and pasta. For the beginning, you can allowed to eat all fruits, chicken, brown rice, rice milk, all vegetables (except corn, onions, green peppers, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage), rice cheese, buckwheat, spelt, and millet. To begin eliminates dies, dr William sears recommended you to consumption avocados, grapes, peaces, salmon and carrots. And then introducing like milk, soy, and nuts as foods most commonly allergic.


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