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Green Weight Loss Pills: An Information On Green Tea Pills For Weight Loss It is a dream for many people to lose weight… more »

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Green Weight Loss Pills: An Information On Green Tea Pills For Weight Loss

It is a dream for many people to lose weight quickly. It is especially people in America. They are not hesitant to go with the shortcuts or accelerators. One of these shortcuts or accelerators is green weight loss pills. Many people are interested to use this pill to help them losing weight. There are many evidences which prove that green tea is an aspect to lose weight. However, The Food and Drug Administration or FDA has yet to support or endorse the claim. Read this simple review to know more about green weight loss pills.

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Let us start by learning what green tea is. It is the steamed leave of Camellia Sinensi or perennial evergreen shrub which is used to make black or oolong tea. Commonly, green tea is consumed as drink but lately it is marketed in pill form to help people to lose weight. There is not enough record of evidence that green tea has direct link to weight loss. The main reason is probably the caffeine content of green tea. The caffeine might work for a brief sense of appetite suppression. Green tea is working to stimulate calorie burning and water weight loss. The fact is not scientifically supported enough to be determined as factual.

When you are choosing the type of green weight loss pills, you need to look for the amount of catechin polyphenols in the pills. These are the main substance which gives green team its weight losing properties. The consumption of 100 milligrams of catechins for two times a day is similar to drink two cups of green tea. However, it is not certain whether green weight loss pills are good substitute for the tea or not. In consuming green weight loss pills, it is important for you to follow the instruction on manufacturer’s packet. It is because the strengths of the extract vary. Commonly, the dose of typical green tea pill dose is between 300-400 mg.

Before consuming green weight loss pills, you should be aware of the side effects and precautions of the pills. Consuming the pills might cause to experience constipation or diarrhea. It is especially when you consume the tea in excess dose. However, it only occurs when you are consuming the green tea in high quantities. The side effects will not be as severe as when caffeine was being taken. Before starting to consume, it is better for you to consult with your doctors.

During your consumption of green weight loss pills, you need to increase water consumption. It is because these pills have diuretic properties. As the result, the urination will improve. You do not need to worry since this is the method used by the system to flush toxins and lose the water weight. In consuming the pills, you need to take the pills with meals. You should avoid consuming the pill before bedtime since it causes restlessness.

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Green weight loss pills are forbidden for pregnant and nursing women. The pills are also not recommended for people with kidney, stomach, and liver problems. If your doctors prescribe antidepressants, painkillers, and antacids, you need to avoid consuming green tea diet pills. For your information, green tea diet pills are indeed working to burn fat. However, these are not magic portions. It is not instant remedy for losing weight. You have to exercise regularly and live healthily.

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