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It’s very common to look in a mirror and have misconceptions about your appearance; the majority of us, if asked, would be able… more »

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It’s very common to look in a mirror and have misconceptions about your appearance; the majority

of us, if asked, would be able to pinpoint instantly something about our appearance that we’d like to

change, whether that be facial features, body weight or even hair and eye colour. Most things that

people pinpoint are small – a slightly crooked nose, a bit plump, eyebrows the wrong shape – but

other things aren’t so small and it’s important to be able to differentiate between the two extremes

of what is easily addressed and what isn’t.


One of the biggest problems people have with their appearance is their weight, and often get stuck

in a vicious cycle of eating and disliking their appearance in the mirror – so it’s important If, you find

yourself in this position, to take a step back and focus on making yourself feel good and taking steps

to resolve the problem rather than doing nothing or resorting instantly to surgerical invention, such

as a gastric band.


Eating Healthy

glow health and weight loss

One of the best ways of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is to eat healthily and keeping

to a regular schedule, as well as undertaking regular exercise. Real life doesn’t always permit a rigid

diet and exercise routine, so even if you can’t always eat at the same time each day, choosing the

healthy option where possible is a good way of keeping your weight even and losing if needed.

meta health weight loss

meta health weight loss

Drinking water – drinking water is a very good way of keeping healthy, as it keeps you hydrated and

also ensures that your body’s fat burning processes are functioning properly – these slow down if

you don’t drink enough, hindering any dietary progress you are making.

health trim weight loss

health trim weight loss


Eat your veg – OK, so your mum drilled this into you as a kid, but with good reason! Eating fruit and

veg is essential for your fibre and protein needs, plus being much lower in fat and carbs than other

foods, especially processed foods, such as fast food meals or even sauces you buy from the shop,

which often contain more sugars and additives than they do veg! as a plus, vegetables such as celery

contain negative calories, meaning eating a stalk burns more than you take it (because they’re so

chewy) – making them a great healthy snack.




Try to eat regularly – little and often is better than big and rarely, especially late at night. If you eat

later in the evening, your body has already started to settle down for the night and will be much less

effective at burning off calories and fat. Eating earlier and in medium sized portions rather than big

meals will help you to consume the right amount of food – and if you make sure you chew your food

properly and then load up your fork, rather than chewing and preparing the next bite at the same

time, you’ll feel fuller in what seems a quicker time and eat less.



Don’t eat at your desk – if you have a desk job, try to avoid eating your lunch staring at your screen,

something we’re all guilty of at times. Instead, find another room and eat, or if it’s nice weather

go outside if you can and why not have a walk either before or after lunch to round your break off

nicely. This will help to burn calories and make you feel more energized for the rest of the day.


Surgical Intervention


If you feel you have been following a healthy diet and exercise routine and still can’t lose excess

weight, it would be worth contacting your doctor as you may need further tests. You will then also

be able to make an informed decision as to whether to opt for surgical intervention, such as a gastric

band or a weight loss programme, but make sure you are happy in your own mind that you’ve done

all you can do first to help yourself along the way.

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