Heavy Metal Detox Sign and Symptoms

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Signs and Symptoms Before we get to know the heavy metal detox symptoms or signs, it will be better for use to learn… more »

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Signs and Symptoms

Before we get to know the heavy metal detox symptoms or signs, it will be better for use to learn about the symptoms and signs of heavy metal poisoning first. The signs of heavy metals poisoning is actually very observable and visible so you can definitely figure out right away when the symptoms appear. For example, the first commonest sign of heavy metal poisoning is skin discoloration. In addition, there will also be said to be various kinds of behavioral changes as well. Different from signs that can be seen by other people around you, symptoms are not observable by others. Symptoms can only be felt and experienced by the person who suffers the poisoning. For example, the person may experience sleepiness, headache, abdominal pain, and also paresthesia more often that are not considered as a usual occurrence happens in your daily life. further research also found out that this kind of poisoning case may lead to multitude of serious problems, including diarrhea, anorexia, vomiting, renal dysfunction, alopecia, arthritis, kidney and liver damage, neuropathy, paralysis, and even cancer.

Suspected Sources of Heavy Metals

In our daily life, there are several things that are said to be the potential sources of heavy metals. The first category is seafood and fish. These two categories of food items are said to be very high in protein that will be great for our body. However, they are also risky to mercury contamination so you have to be careful and considerate in consuming them. For example, some fish are said to have a high level of mercury you better avoid as much as possible, such as swordfish, shellfish, mackerel, and also tuna. You are still allowed to consume them once in a while but make sure that you limit the portion and consumption of those products. Aside from seafood and fish, there are also several other things which are said to potentially contain mercury, including baby powder, plastics, contact lens, and also cosmetics. Usually, these products are closely related to females so you need to be considerate and careful in choosing the products.

Heavy Metal Detoxification

Since the health problems caused by heavy metal poisoning can be terribly frightening and deadly, therefore you need to think about potential solutions that can make you stay away from the worse case of this poisoning. Do not wait until you finally feel some of those signs and symptoms we have discussed above because it means that your condition is already in dangerous level. It will be much better for us to take prevention actions before the heavy metal accumulation in our body reaches the toxic levels. Aside from consulting to a professional doctor in this field, of course, you can also take natural remedies that can be done easily and simply at home. These natural remedies are considered safe for your body so you really do not need to worry about the side effects. According to the research of heavy metal detox symptoms out there, there are several food items that can cleanse the heavy metal toxics in our body. There is apple which is high in pectin, leafy green veggies which are rich in vitamin C, there is also garlic which contains sulfur that can wash out the heavy metals toxics in our body.


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Heavy Metal Detox Sign and Symptoms   Heavy Metal Detox Sign and Symptoms   
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