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Cleanliness is part of healthiness. People who care about their cleanliness usually have a good health. But outside cleanliness does not necessarily reflect… more »

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Cleanliness is part of healthiness. People who care about their cleanliness usually have a good health. But outside cleanliness does not necessarily reflect inside cleanliness. You could be the squeakiest clean people on earth with daily showers, deodorants and constant hands cleaner, yet your inside full of all uncleanness from all of junk foods you consume. This uncleanness in your body brings lots of health problems. Kidney’s health problem to name one. The most common problem with kidney’s health is the presence of gallstones in gallbladder.



A gallstone is a worldwide problem. In America alone, roughly 16 million people had gallstones problem. Gallstones are sediments, it consist of cholesterol or calcium and bile. Gallstones could be caused by a certain fatty or processed foods that is hard to be digested. While gallstones often go through to intestine without causing any problem, it is more often than not get stuck in the gallbladder. This situation will cause gallbladder to contracts in an effort to clear the jammed duct and this contraction resulting an agonizing pain. The pain is not the only one though, there are also chronic gas problem, burping, bloating, pain, jaundice, bad temper, nerves, headache, sluggishness, or severe pain in right abdomen under rib cage.


If you wondering what gives you gallstones, it probably your consumption of; chocolate, coffee, red meat cola drinks, , preservatives, tobacco, artificial sweeteners, salt, aspirin, and alcohol. Usually, surgery is seen as the solution to gallstones problems. But there is indeed an alternative solution. No hospital, no doctor, no surgery, no knife and no scar, definitely a preferable solution. Well this solution is called Gallbladder Cleanse.


Gallbladder Cleanse

Gallbladder Cleanse will let you avoid surgery, and the hideous scar coming with a surgery, but also give you an empirical results in the form of extracted gallstones. There will be a little discomforts, but they are nothing compared to discomforts from surgery. The gallbladder cleanse procedure is cheap and relatively quick. It takes 4 days of apple juice and distilled water. The apple juice will act as cleansing agent and also your main source of energy. During the cleansing you are to avoid heavy demanding physical task. Beside apple juice and distilled water, you will also consuming virgin olive oil or peanut oil. Natural oil is preferable as opposite to refined oil. A quarter cup of lemon juice after the oil, then you are set for the night.

Side Effect

Tendency to burp or vomit are to be expected during the cleansing. You would also experience nausea and some pains. This uncomfortable circumstance is the sign of a working procedure. The procedure, as promised, will result in uncomfortable nights, but it will not last as long as the recovery time from gallbladder surgery.



At the fourth day, wait for a bowel movement. Lo and behold, gallstones will be extracted out of your body. This is where all those oil and lemon juice show their uses, the gallstones will be slick and dull thanks to them.

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