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Dietary fibre is a healthy one, especially for people who is post surgery or are dealing with specific medical conditions, such as gastroparesis.… more »

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Dietary fibre is a healthy one, especially for people who is post surgery or are dealing with specific medical conditions, such as gastroparesis. Understand of fiber is important for the proper functioning of the digestive system, especially in helping in the prevention and treatment of certain health related disorder like diabetes, heart diseases, colorectal cancer and disorders in the intestine related to digestion.

In reducing the amount of undigested food moving through your bowel, a low fiber diet is very helpful, so that your body can make a smaller amount of stool. If you have diarrhea, trouble digesting food and cramping or after some types of surgery, a low fiber diet is recommended.

The one and most important to avoid if you are in low fiber diet is foods with high fiber contents, such as whole wheat bread and raw vegetables. The food to take should be easy to digest; you can choose a variety of low fiber foods. Designed to ease discomfort and allow tissue healing, this diet is restrictive and short-term diet. The best help with cramping, bloating, pain and fullness, follow a low-fibre diet helps reduce the stool bulk.

Vegetables Low in Fiber

Vegetables Low in Fiber

Here are low fiber diet food list that you can choose, don’t try any foods that cause you allergic reactions and discomfort.

–          Cucumber

Skin cucumber is the most of the fiber found. So you can remove the skin if you want to keep your fiber intake as low as possible. To accompany chicken or fish, slice cucumber spread with cream cheese for a tasty, low fiber snack

–          Ground Beef

There is no fiber inside of ground beef according to nutritional database CalorieKing.com. It is recommended to consume because it is excellent source of iron and protein. Choosing ground meats for protein instead of peas or beans is best because it contain too much fiber. Try eating ground beef will be preferable for people on low fiber diet, mix with mashed potatoes or in white flour tortillas.

–          Grain Products

All grain products are low in fiber and you don’t have to worry about the fiber in diet. It is better to avoid foods that contain wheat germ, whole wheat or multi-grain flour, cornmeal and corn and bran. Here are some of these foods, such as regular pasta or macaroni, waffles, white rice, noodles, cooked cereal, pancakes, farina, couscous, grifts, muffins, flaked cereal, sweet rolls, pies, pizzas

–          Fruits and fruit juices

Drink some fruit and fruits juice of banana, orange, strained fruit juice, applesauce, fruit cocktail

–          Milk products

Milk is well known as low fiber food, following milk products can be add in your low fiber diet; Hot cocoa, yoghurt, milk shake, custard, cottage cheese, Ricotta cheese, pudding, sour cream, chocolate milk.

Low-Fiber Foods Diets

Low-Fiber Foods Diets

When you decide to choose low fiber diet food, there are several things to be followed strictly, such as:

–          Choose a variety of foods from the low-fibre list to keep you away from getting boring and will give a fair spread of nutrients.

–          Consume the preferable multivitamin if you follow a restricted diet for more than 5 days. If this diet is followed long term, it is important to avoid of not getting enough of the water-soluble vitamins like Vitamin C (cooking destroys them).

–          Every people have different situation and some of the foods on the list may be not easy for you. Your body knows the best for itself.

–          Stay away from high fibre foods for now. However you can add small quantities of other foods into your diet. It is important  to make a note of what you consume and how you react to them. Try it again some other time if a food doesn’t work. Keep track of food and symptoms will be helped by keeping a food diary. It will be very useful for your treatment team.

Low-Fiber Cereals List

Low-Fiber Cereals List

–          Keep and try eating regularly to help with appetite and bowel function since the appetite will fluctuate.

–          Eat when you are hungry not when you think you should eat. Wrong times or eating meals out of sequence should not be worried about with that in mind. Having a bowl of Rice Krispies at 2 a.m will be fine. For any time that hunger comes, have quick snack and easily heated meals are allowed.

–          Enjoy the food, make effort about it. Pleasant eating environment, nice presentation, a stress-free atmosphere to help your digestion and appetite.

Another thing when you serve low fiber diet food list are:

–          All vegetables and fruits must be peeled, membrane-free and deseeded.

–          Vegetables should be well-cooked

–          A serving is roughly 80 grams

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