Low Residue Diet Colonoscopy

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                When you are on colonoscopy, your doctor may tell you to follow low-residue or low-fiber diet. For your information, a colonoscopy is… more »

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When you are on colonoscopy, your doctor may tell you to follow low-residue or low-fiber diet. For your information, a colonoscopy is a routine procedure to evaluate and exam of the inside of the colon or large bowel. When you have a family history of polyps exist or colon cancer, you better do a colonoscopy.

Low-residue diet is one of the procedures before a colonoscopy. Your doctor will give you an advice to avoid some fiber foods such as nuts and seeds.

What is the purpose of low-residue diet for colonoscopy?

A low-residue diet have purpose to prepare your bowel before colonoscopy procedure. The frequency and size of stool in your intestine is reduced with low-residue diet. The bowel movements will slow down because consuming low-residue foods. So, that is can increase the success of colonoscopy procedure. During the colonoscopy, the effect of low-residue diet will make it easier to examine your colon. Low-residue diet may help to reduce abdominal cramping and diarrhea. This diet will recommended approximately one week before colonoscopy. The fiber is limited to no more than 10 – 15 gram per day, in low-residue diet colonoscopy.

Vegetables for Low Residue Diet

Vegetables for Low Residue Diet

Low-Residue Diet Colonoscopy: Foods to eat free

When following a low-residue diet before colonoscopy procedure, you should eat low-fiber foods. Other important nutrients from fiber foods should to limited in low-residue diet. That may goes against what nutritionist advice to eat fiber foods as a healthy way. Grainy, nutty foods should to avoid foods in a low-residue diet.

There are some foods you can consume if you are on a low-residue diet colonoscopy:

Low-Fiber Foods for Colonoscopy

Low-Fiber Foods for Colonoscopy

  1. 1.      

    Breads, Starches and Cereals

Rice and cereals products such as plain crackers, white rice, cold cereals, cooked cereals, refined pasta, noodles and white bread are often fine to consume in low-fiber diet.  Melba toast without seeds is the low-fiber plain crackers. You can also get a bowl of cooked cereals in the morning, such as grits, farina and cream of wheat.

  1. 2.      

    Fruits and Veggies

When consume vegetables and fruits, you should remove all seeds and peel the skin. However, seeds and skin of many vegetables and fruits are containing high amount of fiber. In fact, vegetables and fruits that is without seeds and coarse skins and well-cooked are usually free to consume in low-residue diet before colonoscopy. If you are on low-residue diet, you can consume some fruits such as soft cantaloupe, avocado, ripe bananas and honeydew. You may also be consumed cooked or canned products such as beets and applesauce. Canned vegetables or well cooked fresh vegetables without seeds are good for low-residue diet. Include mushrooms, green beans, spinach, asparagus tips, pumpkin and carrots.

  1. 3.      

    Snacks and Fats

Low-Fat Diet for Colonoscopy

Low-Fat Diet for Colonoscopy

In low-residue diet, you can still eat sweets and desserts such as cookies, candies, cakes, and pies. But, make sure these desserts and sweets are not containing coconut, avoided fruits and nuts. White crackers, gelatin, pudding, ice cream and ice popsicles are lighter snacks that acceptable for low-residue diet colonoscopy. Unfortunately, if you are on low-residue diet, you should limited pepper, spices and seasonings. In a low-residue diet, there are some oils and fats are acceptable to consume. Include mayonnaise, vegetable oils, butter, whipped creams and margarines.

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