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Pregnancy is definitely a miraculous stage every woman will typically experience in her life. However, this is considered a stage that will make… more »

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Pregnancy is definitely a miraculous stage every woman will typically experience in her life. However, this is considered a stage that will make you crave for unusual foods. Therefore, you need to really be considerate in this case since you will not only feed yourself alone but the unborn baby as well. under this concern, if you want to maintain your weight during your pregnancy the you need to read on this article further. This passage today is going to give you tips about pregnancy diet checklist that is safe to be taken by pregnant women. With the help of this information, we highly hope that you can have a healthy pregnancy with a beautiful body as well.


Here are several points you will need while you are expecting. All of these points are important and play a crucial part for your health and also your baby. These foods will not only help you maintain your weight but they will also be a great contribution toward your baby’s development. Check this out!



One of the most important parts for an adequate growth for your unborn baby is protein. Protein is very essential for your baby’s growth especially during the trimester of your pregnancy. For a pregnant woman, the recommended serving portion size of protein is three plates consist of healthy protein sources such as eggs, milk and meats.  These three serving meals are equal to seventy grams of protein which is definitely the minimum protein intake that needs to be taken by pregnant women a day. Amongst any other protein sources you can get out there, the most recommended ones are poultry and red meats. These two sources of protein will also provide iron that will be beneficial for both of you and the baby.


Fruits and Veggies

These two types of foods are also included in mostly pregnancy diet checklist you will find out there. If you want to have healthy choice of foods during pregnancy then you need to turn your attention to fresh fruits and veggies. Veggies are definitely the best sources to give you healthy foods with many nutrients. Some of them contain folic acid, folate and iron that will play an important contribution to the development of your baby’s brain. We recommend you to opt for asparagus and spinach since these two veggies are rich of those contents. As for fruits, you need to limit the fruits that are rich of sugar since they can affect the glucose level. Keep in mind to take fresh fruits and veggies only since the canned or preserved ones are full of sodium.


Dairy Products

Another important part in the pregnancy diet checklist you need to consume is dairy products. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt is definitely able to give you a lot of calcium and phosphorus that will be very useful for your baby’s development. We all know that the baby needs calcium and phosphorus to help them form healthy bones, hence the mother needs to give them adequate supplies. Be sure to get the non fat ones so you can also maintain your own body weight.

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