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Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are willing to do anything to get their desired boy shape and weight. Start from… more »

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Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are willing to do anything to get their desired boy shape and weight. Start from natural ways to medical ways, they will try anything that can really bring them to their dream. On of those ways that are usually chosen by a lot of people is HCG diet plan. Although this type of diet mainly consists of a line of HCG injections but you need to also undergo a diet. in this article today, we will try to learn several foods allowed HCG diet you can consume safely without affecting the HCG weight loss program you are taking. Hopefully this piece of information will be an advantage for you. Check this out!

The Portion

If you are taking HCG weight loss program then it means that you will be required to take meals for only five hundred calories a day. it is recommended that you split the five hundred calories intake into two portions of meals. The recommended menu for the meals will be involving fruits, vegetables, and also protein, no fats and very limited carbohydrate. Take note that you should avoid fried foods, instead, it is preferably grilled, broiled , steamed or boiled. Oil can definitely ruin your tight diet so you need to avoid it. as for seasonings, it will be better if you opt for natural ones such as herbs, garlic, chili, cider vinegar, lemon juice, but be sure to limit salt use and avoid sugar use.

HCG Maintenance Diet Allowed

HCG Maintenance Diet Allowed


Since you are banned from carbohydrate the alternative you need to take is protein. Chicken breasts and lean beef are two examples of foods that contain high protein level. In addition, seafood such as white fish, crab and shrimp are the great additions to the list of foods allowed HCG diet you can consume. If you are a vegetarian then eating meats will be an impossible task to do right? Do not need to worry, for vegetarian the best alternative is egg. For example, as a substitute for a lean beef you can take one whole egg and also 3 more egg whites so it will be equal to the protein intake you get from a lean beef. In addition, skim milk is also a great protein source that will be safe for both parties.

HCG Foods Allowed to Eat

HCG Foods Allowed to Eat


For those who are taking this type of diet, eating fruits will be the best option to get healthy diet. you can try several recommended fruits to the menu of your meals everyday. Grapefruit, strawberries, orange and apple are the examples of fruits that will not harm your tight diets. Opt for fresh and organic fruits rather than precooked or canned ones.

HCG Diet Spices Allowed

HCG Diet Spices Allowed


Vegetable is definitely another category of foods allowed HCG diet you can surely consume. There are wide choices of veggies that can be beneficial to your diet plan. Sprout, green bean, and mushroom are the best addition to your meal. In addition, you can also choose other veggies such as cabbage, lettuce, asparagus, cucumber, onion or spinach to the menu.

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