Losing Weight: 8 Things to Stop Doing

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Losing weight is definitely one excruciating process. But, the benefits that you will gain will far outweigh all those physical and emotional agony… more »

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Losing weight is definitely one excruciating process. But, the benefits that you will gain will far outweigh all those physical and emotional agony that you went through. If you are one of those many people whowould want to lose weight, then check out the following list of things that you should stop doing in order to achieve your desired weight.

1. Stop assuming that you really know how much you have been eating

In order to be successful in your weight loss regimen, you have to first and foremost be honest about yourself. Stop pretending that you have been calculating exactly how much you eat on a daily basis. Put an end to your habit of assuming how much you consumed and instead use a notebook, or record everything on your iPad or tablet. By doing so, you will be amazed at how many calories you’ve been drinking or eating.

2. Stop drinking sodas and other calorie-rich beverages


If you want to lose weight, delete from your mind any memory of cold bottled soda drinks. Replace this thought with clear bottled water or any tea that will help you lose weight. But, everything must be in moderation. If you’re not a fan of water or even tea, try sprucing up your waters with some lemon or even all natural sweeteners. By cutting out calories in drinks, this can help you save a ton in calories for the day!

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3. Put an end to your sedentary lifestyle


Being sedentary at work or at home will only sabotage your weight loss goals. If your work requires you to sit for the entire 8-hour shift, you should be wise enough to find a way to stand and walk around the office. Stop taking calls just sitting down and walk your way to the pantry instead of just eating your lunch at your desk. Even if it’s exercising for a few minutes in the day, it’s better than nothing!

4. Stop overestimating your exercise

Many women and men tend to overestimate their exercise activity by counting those household chores as their exercise time. In turn, they will not be able to lose the amount of weight that they need within a span of time. Have fun with your exercise! Whether it’s running on the treadmill while watching TV on your iPad or even walking up to the store rather than driving, exercising doesn’t always have to be boring.

5. Stop thinking that those nutritious dishes will help you lose weight


Avoid the temptation of going for a binge just because you have this mindset that you are eating a nutritious food. This is just one of the most common reasons why many people fail in their weight loss goals. When you think you already have consumed enough calories, turn your head away from those healthy dishes.

6. Stop thinking of an excuse or an alibi not to exercise

Back to our bottom line: honesty. If you really want to lose weight the natural way then you shouldn’t be too busy for an exercise regimen. As the old adage says, if there is a will, there will always be a way. Ditch those excuses and turn on your treadmill.

7. Stop setting goals that are far too difficult for you to accomplish

Ditch those thoughts about using magic pills that will help you lose weight in no time. Otherwise, you are making yourself at high risk of suffering from its side effects. Make sure to set goals that are doable and will help you work your way towards achieving optimal health.

8. Stop rewarding yourself with sugary foods

If you have the habit of giving yourself some food treats after every exercise regimen, you will find yourself having much difficulty losing some weight. Those little sweet treats could add up to more weight as you calculate your sugar consumption at the end of the week. So, forget about sweet treats and be firm against such cravings.

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