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Along with the dramatic increase in rates of heart disease and obesity an interest in diet and nutrition has risen. Nearly 65% of… more »

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Along with the dramatic increase in rates of heart disease and obesity an interest in diet and nutrition has risen. Nearly 65% of adults in the United States are obese and overweight according to the American Obesity Association. The most popular way to improve your health and lose your weight is low fat diets. It is really work well, studies have documented that low fat diets can in additional to some other diet plans that contribute to weight loss and it can improve your health well.

In here you can find the information about low fat diets very much, so you can try to add this program into your diet plan, surely it will be great idea. And here you are.


Low fat diets are defined as consuming plans that limit the average of dietary fat to more less than thirty percents of your total calories. Most low fat diets decrease your fat to about twenty percent. Emphasize whole grains, produce and limit overall fat, mostly trans and saturated fats. The major medical organization like the American Heart Association recommends limiting fat intake because of the health benefits of low fat diets.

Low-Fat Food Chart

Low-Fat Food Chart

Benefits of Health

The second imperative tip of low fat diet is about the health benefits. You have to know that there is considerable evidence that low fat diets can decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer. The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center doing a study and get the result that woman who ate 20% of their calories from fat decreased their risk of ovarian cancer till forty percent. And there is another statement that women on low fat diet lowered their risk of having recurrence of breast cancer till twenty four percent, that statement come from National Cancer Institute. And you have to know that your blood pressure in those diagnosed with hypertension can be reduced significantly from low fat diets, according to a study conducted at University of John Hopkins.

Low-Fat Diet Meal Plan

Low-Fat Diet Meal Plan


And the next important information of low fat diets is about the controversy. One famous study has prompted about the health benefits from some skepticism. The Women’s Health Initiative, a study of just about fifty thousand  girls launched in 1993, found that ladies UN agency were educated to follow a diet with twenty percent of their calories from fat didn’t have lower rates of cancer or heart condition than women on a higher-fat diet. This study received plenty of media attention, however the mayonnaise Clinic has acknowledged that the ladies within the low-fat cluster solely down their fat intake to around twenty nine percent, which can have skew the results. Major health organizations just like the mayonnaise Clinic square measure still convinced that limiting fat intake is vital for a healthy diet.

Low-Fat Diet Food List

Low-Fat Diet Food List

How to Follow a Low Fat Diet

There are many kinds of low fat diet programs on the market today, including the weight watchers, jenny Craig and ornish diet . Prevent the food that containing with trans fats and also prevent the processed food. Eat plenty of vegetables, whole grains and fruits like quinoa and brown rice. Choose low fat sources of protein including fish, low fat dairy and chicken breast.

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