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A partial fast that reduces strictly the kinds of food that you’re permitted to eat is the Daniel fast. It is a modeled… more »

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A partial fast that reduces strictly the kinds of food that you’re permitted to eat is the Daniel fast. It is a modeled after the bible, which is used to help prepare people to enter the discipline of spiritual for fasting and prayer.

In the Book of Daniel you can find the guidelines of this fast. You just can drink water and eat only fruits and vegetables and you have to refrain from any sweeteners, processed, chemically enhanced, breads and you have to refrain artificially flavored drinks or foods. Follow the Daniel fast will be made easier if you have good recipes on hand.

And here you will find some information about meals you can consume during you are doing the Daniel fast. Let’s check it out.

Daniel Fast Menu Recipes

Daniel Fast Menu Recipes

  1. The very first absolutely is meals on your breakfast. The first idea is trying to make a high protein meals like from tofu scramble, you can make it by dicing up some zucchini, firm tofu, onion, tomato, green and red bell pepper, garlic and fresh cilantro and then sautéing them in a frying pan till the vegetables are smooth. Pepper and salt to taste. You also can try fruit and oatmeal; they are great option for your breakfast too. You also can add a few things for filling such as raisins, apple, blueberries or strawberries, and cinnamon, they are high fiber meals. And last, you can also choose soy milk for cow’s milk.
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  3. And the second imperative tip is meals for your lunch in Daniel fast.  You can start by mixing a cup of spinach to make a green balsamic salad, or enough to fill your plate with diced onion, sliced cucumber, unsweetened craisins, clementine slice and skivered almonds. For taste you can use drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette. You can add the almonds, it is very good source of protein or you can add the spinach; it has about five grams of protein per cup.
  4. Daniel Fast Breakfast Ideas

    Daniel Fast Breakfast Ideas

  5. And the next important meals tip for your Daniel fast is all of meals that good for your dinner. You can try a stir fry, it is not difficult to make and you can make it in various ways. You can make in a wok by adding diced tofu, cooked brown rice, ginger, garlic, green onions and any combination of green pass, broccoli, carrots, green beans, water chestnuts and green peppers. And you can add nuts such as peanuts, cashews and almonds to get more protein. Make a sure that the vegetables and nuts should not be overcooked by you, you have to steam it softly but it must still slightly crunchy. And then for more taste you can add the soy sauce. You can add more vegetables as you want. Save any leftovers in a refrigerate or sealed container.
  6. And the last meals tip that good for your Daniel fast diet is snacks. All natural peanut butter and plain rice crackers are good snacks to eat while on the Daniel fast.

So, now you have some tip of meals that you can consume while on the Daniel fast. All of the tips surely work as well.

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